Chain Turquoise Necklaces

Chain necklaces have actually become more and more popular since their last debut in fashion. The concept and shape to them are simple and people like to carry that simplicity into their outfits, particularly with more minimalistic styles. One place where this style has taken over is in the Southwestern region of the United States and for a very good reason. These pieces are simple, yet breathtaking in their elegance and quality. You can learn more about these chain necklaces by reading the information below.

About Southwestern Chain Turquoise Necklaces

Silver and jewelry in this region of the country are steeped in Native American origin. From the time of early American settlers, traders have been fascinated with the detailed work of Native American silversmiths and the pieces they produce.

Some key elements of the Zuni tribe, for example, is beautifully fine silver with turquoise pendants. There are also styles of creating thin stranded turquoise necklaces from fine silver balls in order to create the illusion of a free-flowing wavy necklace, liquid silver.

There are numerous styles across the southwest that incorporate both silver and turquoise to produce quality jewelry and it all originates for the stunning work of the Native American tribes.

Typically, chain turquoise necklaces have a simple design, but the turquoise pendants that are featured with them are far from ordinary. The Zuni will use intricate design in their work, sometimes in the shape of traditional Native American symbols.

Chain turquoise necklaces from the Southwest are usually made from the most quality material, like sterling silver and real turquoise from reputable Southwestern or Native American artists and that attention to detail shine through in their work.

If you’re thinking about investing in chain turquoise necklaces, remember to look for these items and look into reputable retailers, either online or in-store.

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