Bird Turquoise Necklaces

Birds are more than just a lovely, fun, animal, especially in certain Native American tribes. In Native American culture, symbols play a dominant role in the way in which tribes communicate and pass down their history. Even today, many tribes will go back to these symbols and use them for art and ceremony as a way of connecting to their heritage. One of the most recurring symbols across the Southwest tribes of the United States is the bird.

The bird has its origins in many Native stories and although symbols take on different meanings, depending on the tribe, the bird typically translates to swiftness, cunning, proud and free. There are a few different variations of the symbol that describe different types of birds and which has their own meaning and origin.

When the bird symbol is set into jewelry, like bird turquoise necklaces, it is a commonly held belief that the wearer will be endowed with the same traits.

Different Bird Turquoise Necklaces

The Crow- This symbol is not an ill-omen, in fact, it represents mystery, intelligence, perspective, and fearlessness. The crow is a wise and cunning bird and those that wear the crow symbol will be imparted with that knowledge as well.

The Falcon- Falcons are great hunters and because of this, the falcon symbol represents vision, knowledge, and decisiveness. People that wear this symbol will be given the focus to accomplish their goals as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The Hummingbird- The hummingbird symbol is the spirit of swift movements and quick thinking. People that wear this symbol will react faster to the world around them and be able to focus on their tasks.

There are a few other variations of the bird symbol, but in general, they bring the wearer insight, focus, and intelligence and are a highly valued symbol in Native American bird turquoise necklaces.

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